AirBnB Property Management


At Your BNB Property, we consider ourselves a full-service property management team. You have many needs when it comes to managing your Airbnb properties in North Carolina. Those needs must be addressed in order for your properties to stay occupied and continue to garner you a profit. Take a look at just some of the levels of service we provide as your chosen Airbnb property management company.
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Our digital marketing experience will get your rental property the attention required to guarantee occupancy.

Airbnb Property Marketing

Struggling to get your Airbnb noticed? At Sojourn Properties, we are partnered with some of the top listing companies, including Airbnb and VRBO. We not only help you get your property prepared for marketing, but we make sure your property gets the most effective marketing exposure. In addition, our keen focus on detail means your property is more likely to garner positive reviews. Positive reviews can always be an organic, highly effective marketing tool for an Airbnb property.

Investor Focused Financial Reporting

We provide our property owners with a detailed financial report at the end of each month so they can keep track of their property’s progress.


We uses a team of certified professional cleaners to deep clean each property after every stay. Cleanliness is our highest priorities.

Airbnb Property Cleaning and Sanitizing

One of the biggest reasons Airbnb guests leave a bad review after a stay is if the property was not as clean as it should have been. When you work with us as your Airbnb property management team, your guests will never find a dirty, unkempt place to stay. We work with the most reliable cleaning agencies that adhere to the strictest standards when they clean and sanitize a property. Every visit from one of our contracted cleaning professionals will involve a deep-cleaning process that properly prepares the property for the next guest.


Keeping each property looking great from its curb-appeal to the choice of bed linens is crucial to successful rentals.

Airbnb Property Maintenance When Needed

Just as any residential property, your Airbnb rentals will need periodic preventive maintenance and occasional repairs. For the prime guest experience, every aspect should be handled in the most timely manner. At Sojourn Properties, we work with a list of trusted maintenance professionals and repair technicians to keep your Airbnbs in tip-top shape. And, if a guest has an issue during their stay, we can step in right away to mend the issue.


We are available to our guests 24/7/365 Communicating with guests is the most important part to ensure a quality experience .

Professional Airbnb Guest Communications

As your Airbnb property manager in Scottsdale, we make ourselves available to guests 24/7. If a prospective guest has a question about the property before the reservation, we offer immediate advice. If a current guest has issues, they can contact us at any time, day or night, for assistance. Rapid communication can be a valuable key in making sure every guest has an excellent Airbnb experience.

Guest Screening

We take immense pride in our process and use all the tools at our disposal to screen guests in order to protect the guests and our properties.